Inertia is specialized in the development of miniaturized wireless inertial measurement units (IMUs) that can sense, process and communicate motion, vibration and orientation features of interest. Unlike traditional inertial sensing systems, Inertia focuses on distributed solutions inspired from the field of wireless sensor networks. Benefiting from the wireless communication capabilities, the processing of motion data can be done online and in collaboration with other nodes, enabling an increased accuracy of detected features and instantaneous feedback.

We are active in the following areas:

  • Industrial applications: For vibration sensing, real-time analysis and control in the manufacturing industry, aerospace, railway industry.The benefits are: better dynamic stability of machine tools and consequently improved production efficiency (manufacturing industry), increased safety, reliability and reduction of “down time” (aerospace), improved operational safety and efficiency (railway industry).
  • Healthcare and wellbeing: For self-management, remote coaching and treatment of people suffering from chronic conditions or in need for ambient assisted living solutions.The benefits are two-fold: for the user – better quality of life, always aware of his/her condition, the possibility to live longer at home; for the society – reduced burden on the healthcare system due to less hospitalization and less need for professional care interventions as a result of improved physical activity.
  • Sports: For assessing the performance of elite athletes, as well as for controlling and minimizing the risk of overuse injury.The main benefit is the unique possibility to analyze the biomechanics properties of the athlete and to get feedback in real-time, in real training conditions, outside the lab.