More sensors, less cables

We all want to sense the world in motion around us. Quickly, accurately, in detail, and in a natural way. Without cables and complex instrumentation. A sci-fi dream in the beginning of the third millennium, when we started Inertia Technology, but now not anymore. Unprecedented recent advances in electronics miniaturization and low-power wireless communication made this vision possible. We are proud to have contributed to it. With our products, you can move your lab in the field and acquire all the sensor data wirelessly at high sampling rates.

High-speed, synchronized

Existing standard wireless protocols, such as WiFi and Bluetooth, are not designed for high-speed, low-power and tightly synchronized data acquisition from many sensors. This is why we developed our own wireless solution where all sensors in the network sample at the same instant. And they all stream the data in real-time at hundreds of even thousands of Hz, without interfering with each other. Scaling your solution is easy. You can have for example 9 sensors streaming at kHz rates or 39 sensors streaming at 100 Hz. Everything is configurable remotely with just a few clicks.

Raw data, uncomplicated

We come ourselves from the R&D world. Therefore, we fully understand how important it is to provide access to all the raw data. No closed formats, no hidden things. You always get the full logs and can export to the most widely used formats, such as CSV and MAT. We also provide processed data, using state-of-the-art, open algorithms. We keep it simple, so that you can tune everything for your specific application.

Quality made in The Netherlands

Quality is essential to us, in all aspects: hardware, software and data. We design and produce our hardware exclusively in-house, at our premises in Enschede, The Netherlands. We also create our software ourselves, and always take your feedback into account for new features. As for the data, we strive to get the maximum accuracy and the best time synchronization among all sensors in the network. This is based on many years of PhD research of our founders and team members, resulting in proven performance equivalent to the high-end, expensive cabled systems.

Always innovating

Science and technology are our drivers. We take part in European and national research projects that push the barriers of the current state of the art. These come with unique challenges and applications for our technology, keeping us busy with innovation. And so, we can build truly innovative products, such as the Equi-Pro® system for equine vets or the next-generation tracking solution for firefighters.

Our founders

Inertia Technology was founded in 2008 by Raluca and Mihai Marin-Perianu, and Paul Havinga.


Raluca’s PhD thesis “Wireless Sensor Networks in Motion” won the prestigious Christiaan Huygens 2009 prize awarded by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, as well as the nomination among the three “top-talent” finalists for the Simon Stevin Gezel prize of the Dutch Technology Foundation STW.

Raluca is passionate about real-life applications where technology becomes useful to the users. She has an important role in the company R&D roadmap and product development.


Mihai obtained his PhD degree from University of Twente with his thesis “Collaborative Wireless Sensor Networks in Industrial and Business Processes”. He has a long experience with data acquisition and data processing and has coordinated successful industrial projects with a strong R&D focus.

Mihai has a keen interest in technology transfer from the research lab into the market. He is coordinating the exploitation strategy and business development.


Paul Havinga was the professor and head of the Pervasive Systems research group from the University of Twente, and the Director Science at TNO – ICT. He was a highly honored scientist, one of the pioneers of Wireless Sensor Networks and the Internet of Things.

Paul also represented the true entrepreneurial spirit of the University of Twente. He received the ICT Innovation Award for the successful transfer of knowledge from university to industrial use and the “Van den Kroonenberg award” for being a successful innovative entrepreneur.

His sudden departure from this world in 2024 left us all in grief. We are going to always miss his enthusiasm, optimism and innovative ideas.