We are actively involved in various research projects where we develop innovative solutions for wireless sensing, monitoring and control.

Varenne – A training monitoring tool that improves performance and welfare in harness racing horses

1 Apr. 2021 - 31 Jan. 2025
The Varenne E! 114697 Eurostars project goal is to deliver a well-planned training and racing tool, resulting in a better and more sustainable career of horses involved in harness racing and training. To achieve this end goal, the specific R&D objectives are to build: the platform, the [...]

Sestosenso – Physical Cognition for Intelligent Control and Safe Human-Robot Interaction

1 Oct. 2022 - 30 Sep. 2025
Sestosenso is a Horizon Europe - Research and innovation project, which develops technologies for next generations of collaborative robots. The robots will be capable of self-adapting to different time-varying operational conditions. They will interact when human intervention is required either for collaboration or training/teaching.     [...]

EquiMoves – Equine Gait Analysis Using Wireless Inertial Sensor Networks

1 Oct. 2018 - 30 Sep. 2021
Later edit: the result of the EquiMoves project is commercialized under the registered trademark Equi-Pro®.    The EquiMoves E!12304 Eurostars project goal is to build a system based on a network of wireless inertial sensors to help equine vets in early detection of lameness, the [...]

Paardensprong – Mobile System for Performance Monitoring of Horses

1 Sep. 2018 - 30 Feb. 2022
Paardensprong is an EFRO OP Oost project that aims at developing a mobile system for performance monitoring of horses, where the end-users will be veterinarians, sport and breeding organizations. With the help of Paardensprong, training and breed selection of horses will be more effective and veterinarians will receive insight [...]

AIOSAT – Autonomous Indoor/Outdoor Safety Tracking System

1 Dec. 2017 - 31 May 2020
The Horizon 2020 European project AIOSAT will develop a rescue system that operates under unprecedented high availability and high accuracy conditions in both indoor and outdoor scenarios.        The key AIOSAT innovation targets are the research and integration of:     [...]

AWISE – Autonomous Wireless Sensors for Monitoring of Military Aircraft

2015 - 2019
The AWISE research project was funded by Dutch Defense with the purpose to develop a method for monitoring aircraft loading in a simpler way than was previously possible.     Inertia Technology worked in collaboration with Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) and developed a fast and accurate data acquisition [...]

INNOWAG – Innovative Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Solutions on Lightweight Wagon

1 Nov. 2016 - 30 Jun. 2019

The aim of the INNOWAG project is to develop intelligent cargo monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions integrated on a novel concept of lightweight wagon, which would respond to major challenges in rail freight competitiveness, in relation to the increase of transport and logistic capabilities.

PHOENIX – Towards the Resilient Factory: Cyber-Physical Systems for Smart Factory Objects

1 Sep. 2015 - 31 Aug. 2018

The PHOENIX project goal is to instrument the factory objects with intelligent wireless sensors and transform them into smart networked objects, which detect and self-protect from failures.

ICP4Life – An Integrated Collaborative Platform for Managing the Product-Service Engineering Lifecycle

1 Jan. 2015 - 31 Dec. 2018
ICP4Life proposes an integrated, collaborative platform for the design, development and support of product-service systems for SMEs, equipment manufacturers and energy suppliers in order to maximize the impact in the European industry.        The proposed platform comprises of three main components:  [...]

SIRIUS – Wireless Sensing System for High-Performance Industrial Monitoring and Control

1 Nov. 2013 - 31 May 2016
The SIRIUS E! 8144 Eurostars project develops a high-performance, versatile wireless system with self-powered capabilities, used for data acquisition, process monitoring and control, with applications in industrial vibration monitoring, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.        An embedded / deep-embedded solution for [...]