Display of the measurement map in the latest Equi-Pro® release

May 8, 2024
Especially useful for ridden/driven measurement (e.g. harness trotters, endurance horses), and only if you have a GNSS sensor, the interactive map will enable you to select segments of data to analyze.    In the Speed and Map tab, click on a the area you want [...]

The 2nd module of the EGAS course 2024 took place at Tierklinik Lüsche

April 17, 2024
The 2nd module of the The Equine Gait Analysis Society (EGAS) course 2024 took place last weekend at Tierklinik Lüsche.    During the practical sessions, the participants had the opportunity to discuss the Equi-Pro data in the context of single-limb lameness exams with our [...]

Equi-Pro® at the Symposium on Systems Biomechanics of the Horse – University of Arizona

March 6, 2024
In the period 8-11 March 2024, a Symposium on Systems Biomechanics of the Horse will be held at University of Arizona, Al Marah Equine Center.    Participants will have the option to attend tutorials on kinematic analysis, computational biomechanics, and mathematical modeling, and to watch horses [...]

The EGAS course on objective gait analysis for horses has started

February 26, 2024
The EGAS course - Objective gait analysis for horses - has started at University of Utrecht. This is a post-graduate course for equine veterinarians, which covers all aspects related to the clinical application of quantitative gait analysis in horses.    We are happy to offer to students both [...]

Equi-Pro® has a new export feature for researchers

January 20, 2024
Equi-Pro has a new feature for exporting results to a JSON file. This feature is important for researchers to have direct access to the results of their experiments. The JSON file can be transformed to CSV and MAT using the Matlab® example script freely available on the Equi-Pro [...]

AIRTuB-ROMI project on offshore inspection and repair of wind turbines – kick-off meeting

November 28, 2023
https://youtu.be/mXQWhop_G1k    On 30th of November 2023 the kick-off meeting of AIRTuB-ROMI will take place in Vlissingen, NL. 17 partners will meet for the first time to start the 3-year AIRTuB joint project on Automated Inspection and Repair of wind Turbine [...]

SUBLIME project on structural health monitoring started

November 22, 2023
The SUBLIME project on structural health monitoring of steel infrastructures has recently started. It is a collaborative research project granted by the Dutch national funding agency NWO. The project main goal is to increase the reliability of large steel infrastructures, such as bridges, through the development of Digital Twins that [...]

Equi-Pro: new sensor attachments

September 21, 2023
We have developed a set of new, high-quality custom-made leather pockets that perfectly fit the shape of the ProMove-V sensor nodes. The pockets are specifically designed for easy and correct positioning of the sensors on the head, the withers and the legs. The pockets can be used [...]

Photo gallery from ICEL9 workshops on equine kinematics

September 4, 2023
The equine kinematics workshops were held on the 1st and 2nd of September during the ICEL9 Scientific Conference and Locomotion in Practice workshop at University of Utrecht, the Academic Veterinary Hospital. The Equi-Pro® system was showcased in the indoor trotting up area and the outdoor arena. We enjoyed the [...]

Inertia launches ProMove-V, the new generation wireless IMU

July 4, 2023
ProMove-V is the Inertia's new generation wireless Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), characterized by:     Best-in-class sensor noise;   Superior stability against temperature, shocks and vibration-induced noise;   Water-proof and dust-proof.             [...]