Inertia introduces Equi-Pro at the Utrecht AI Labs Event

May 24, 2023
Improving animal welfare through Artificial Intelligence and novel technologies was the theme of the second Utrecht AI Labs Event that took place on May 11 at the Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht.        Inertia Technology introduced the new Equi-Pro® system to the audience and [...]

Inertia launches Equi-Pro®, the professional system based on cutting-edge research performed in the EquiMoves project.

May 9, 2023
We are proud to announce the launching of our new product, Equi-Pro® - the mobile gait analysis system for Equine Professionals. Equi-Pro is based on the R&D carried out in the Eurostars EquiMoves project and validated in the “EquiMoves: A Wireless Networked Inertial Measurement System for Objective [...]

Publication in Nature with ProMove-mini and AI for predicting kinetic parameters in horses

January 25, 2023
Springer Nature Group publishes in Scientific Reports a new method for prediction of continuous and discrete kinetic parameters in horses using ProMove-mini sensor nodes and recurrent artificial neural networks. The study evaluates vertical ground reaction forces (GRFz) by measuring twenty-four clinically sound horses, equipped with IMUs on the [...]

The PhD thesis “Pushing the limits of inertial motion sensing” was successfully defended

January 17, 2023
Our colleague Stephan Bosch defended his PhD thesis "Pushing the limits of inertial motion sensing" at University of Twente on September 7th, 2022. The thesis describes innovative solutions for capturing and digitizing human and animal motion with miniature IMUs, despite the inherent challenges of the technology. The thesis can also [...]

Inertia Technology is a sponsor of ICEEP 2022

June 23, 2022
Inertia Technology is a proud sponsor of the Lameness workshop, as part of the International Conference of Equine Exercise Physiology (ICEEP) conference in Uppsala, Sweden. We will demonstrate the equine gait analysis system as an objective lameness detection tool, developed in the EquiMoves Eurostars project. Visit us on the 26th [...]

Smart Maintenance and NexoDAQ in “Aandrijftechniek” Dutch magazine

March 15, 2021
The Dutch magazine "Aandrijftechniek" published in September 2020 an article about the Smart Maintenance FieldLab project where Inertia works together with Tata Steel and Techport. The article describes the use case of monitoring the fans inside the annealing furnaces of Tata Steel for predictive maintenance purposes. The monitoring is done [...]

Increased ProMove-mini internal storage with FAT32

January 27, 2021
The recently released ProMove-mini 0.13.2 firmware and Inertia Studio 3.5.5 allow the usage of the entire internal SD card capacity of up to 16 GB (4 or 8 GB for older versions of ProMove-mini) through the implementation of the FAT32 file system. To use [...]

Accurate positioning with GNSS on ProMove-mini

September 17, 2020
The new ProMove-mini with integrated GNSS is now available, with concurrent tracking of multiple constellations and increased receiver accuracy and reliability. Its hybrid positioning processor combines GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, SBAS, QZSS, DGPS and AGPS to provide a high-performance navigation solution. The update rate goes up to 10 [...]

EquiMoves website launched

May 26, 2020
It is our great pleasure to announce the launching of the EquiMoves website! We can now present the EquiMoves system in an attractive an informative manner. Please visit:    We would like to thank our talented designers Irina & Andrei from New Black [...]

AWISE project in “Aandrijven en Besturen” Dutch magazine

May 26, 2020
The Dutch "Aandrijven en Besturen" (Drive & Control) magazine published an article about the AWISE project and the role of Inertia Technology in the development of autonomous wireless sensor for aircraft condition monitoring.    The project ran in collaboration with Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) and developed a [...]