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ProMove-V is Inertia’s new-generation waterproof and dustproof wireless Inertial  Measurement Unit (IMU). Using Inertia’s high-speed and low-power wireless  technology, a network of tens of ProMove-V’s can sample and stream all sensor data at high data rates within 100 ns synchronization accuracy across all devices.

ProMove-V features a complete set of ultra-low-noise digital sensors, offering multi-modal and multi-DoF (degrees of freedom) sensor data:

  • 3-D low-range acceleration
  • 3-D high-g acceleration
  • 3-D turn rate / gyroscope
  • 3-D magnetic field intensity / compass
  • Barometric pressure (optional)
  • GNSS (optional) for localization and tracking

The sensor data is transmitted wirelessly to a central node, the Inertia Gateway, which connects to the computer through USB and acts as the master hub for data collection and sensor configuration over-the-air. The Advanced version of the Inertia Gateway provides additional features such as synchronized trigger and clock for external systems, as well as Raw Ethernet data transfer support.

The number of devices in the network scales with the sampling rates: for example, a network can have 39 nodes operating (sampling and communicating) at 200 Hz, or 19 nodes operating at 500 Hz.

ProMove-V is also equipped with 16 GB of internal storage. All sensor samples are logged internally, in addition to being sent over-the-air. Any information lost during the wireless transmission can be recovered at the end of each measurement round.

The Inertia Studio software (freely available on our website) is the interface for visualizing the incoming data in real-time and configuring all devices in the network and all sensors. Full access to the raw sensor data is provided to the user, as well as 3-D orientation information, expressed as quaternions and Euler angles. C++, Java and Android SDKs, along with examples, are also available for integration with custom applications.

ProMove-V is carefully designed for good ergonomics. The curved design makes mounting and wearing on body parts comfortable, without affecting stability in case of surface mounting. Hook and loop straps of 40 cm in length are provided as part of the ProMove‐V sensor package. They can be attached through the handles of the sensor nodes for mounting on body parts or clothing, such as wrist, ankle or shoe.

A set of maximum ten ProMove‐V sensor nodes can be charged by using the ProMove‐V charging cradle.

ProMove-V sensor nodes can be purchased separately or as part of a complete package, as described in the configurations section.

System configurations

STARTER ProMove-V kit:

  • Network of ProMove-V nodes
  • BASIC Inertia Gateway
  • Inertia Studio
  • C++ and Java SDK packages

How does it work?

The STARTER kit consists of a high-speed  wireless network of ProMove-V sensor nodes managed by the Basic Inertia Gateway. The gateway is in charge of:

  • Precise synchronization of sampling moments among all the nodes in the wireless network, and
  • Data acquisition from the ProMove-V sensor nodes and transmission to the computer using USB.

The computer running Inertia Studio software connects using USB to the Basic Inertia Gateway. All data retrieved by Inertia Studio is logged for post-analysis. Users can build their own data acquisition and real-time processing software using the C++ and Java SDK packages provided on our website.

What’s the price?

LOCALIZATION using optional sensors:

  • Barometer
  • GNSS

How does it work?

LOCALIZATION applications can benefit from the following optional sensors present on ProMove-V sensor nodes:

  • The barometer, which is used for measuring the atmospheric pressure. It can be effective in stabilizing the drift of the ProMove-V IMU when double-integration is required for distance measurements. The barometer can be used for a more accurate estimation of height in dead-reckoning applications.
  • The GNSS sensor for positioning, navigation and timing.

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SYNCHRONIZATION with external systems:

  • ADVANCED Inertia Gateway
  • Trigger or clock I/O signals
  • Raw Ethernet connection
  • Powered with AC adapter

How does it work?

This option enables SYNCHRONIZATION with external systems by using the Advanced Inertia Gateway with BNC connectors for I/O signals.

The capabilities of the Advanced Inertia Gateway, additional to the Basic version, are the following:

  • The Advanced Inertia Gateway can synchronize the wireless network to external systems, such as cameras. The synchronization signal can be issued by the external system or by the gateway. The synchronization signal can be a trigger for synchronization at the beginning of an experiment, or it can be a periodic clock signal for precise synchronization of sampling instances.
  • In addition to the USB connection, the Advanced Inertia Gateway can connect to the computer using Raw Ethernet, which results in a better predictability of the end-to-end delay.
  • The Advanced Inertia Gateway can be powered using the AC adapter, providing more flexibility in the physical positioning of the gateway.


What’s the price?

ACCESSORIES for a complete kit:

  • Charging cradle for ProMove-V
  • Hook and loop straps of 40 cm
  • Rugged aluminum suitcase

How does it work?

A complete ProMove-V kit includes:

  • A 10-slot charging cradle for ProMove-V sensor nodes, including the AC adapter,
  • Hook and loop straps of 40 cm long, which can be attached through the handles of the ProMove‐V sensor nodes for mounting on body parts or clothing, such as wrists, ankles or shoes, and
  • A customized and rugged aluminum suitcase, which safely contains and preserves the electronics inside.

What’s the price?

Key Features

  • Supports large networks (tens of devices)
  • Fully synchronized sampling (better than 100 ns)
  • Up to 1 kHz sampling and communication rate per sensor axis
  • Full 3-D acceleration (low-g and high-g), turn rate and magnetic field intensity measurements
  • Full 3-D orientation information (quaternions and Euler angles)
  • High-g accelerometer up to 400 g
  • Barometric sensor (optional)
  • GNSS (optional)
  • RF transceiver in the 2.4 GHz band
  • On-board flash memory for data storage
  • High-capacity internal rechargeable battery with extended temperature operating range
  • Integrated USB-C interface
  • Waterproof and dustproof – IP67
  • Customized casing for good ergonomics


  • Multi-point inertial data acquisition
  • Fine-grained, synchronized motion capture
  • Multi-person, multi-object 3-D tracking
  • Activity monitoring and recognition
  • Virtual reality and gaming
  • Inertial navigation
  • Vibration analysis

Use cases

Equine gait analysis with Equi-Pro® With Equi-Pro®, an accurate measurement of the main parameters of the horse's movement can be obtained, including upper-body symmetry and limb-related parameters.    In the standard Equi-Pro configuration, 7 wireless ProMove-V [...]
Wireless Equine Gait Analysis Visit Equi-Pro® for more information about the product.    Every horse has its own natural movement characteristics, such as stride duration, speed and stride length. Traditionally, scientists had been able to evaluate the movement of horses [...]
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User Manuals

Inertia Studio

For Windows

For Linux

For macOS



Inertia Gateway


Sample Code

  • Simple IDP Parser (1.3) (26-09-2019) | example source code for reading and parsing ProMove-mini sensor data with a fixed configuration, without using Inertia Studio or Inertia SDK
  • Matlab® script (31-10-2016) | example Matlab® script for plotting Inertia CSV files