INNOWAG Kick off meeting

November 18, 2016
INNOWAG is the acronym for a new Shift2Rail project called: INNOvative monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions on lightweight WAGon.    The INNOWAG project, financed by the Shift2Rail initiative of the European Commission, had its kick off meeting in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK on the 15th and 16th [...]

Demonstration at Fieldlab CAMPIONE

November 4, 2016
Inertia demonstrated its wireless technology at the Fieldlab CAMPIONE meeting in Rijen. The Fieldlab CAMPIONE project is part of the national program Smart Industry. The goal is to enable 100% predictability for chemical companies using condition-based maintenance. This would further improve productivity, availability, and safety [...]

Software and documentation free for download on the new Inertia website

October 13, 2016
Check out the download page of the new Inertia website! You can find there the Inertia Studio installer, drivers, firmware, manuals and SDKs free for download [...]

Watch a video with the SIRIUS wireless control system

September 17, 2016
A demonstration of the wireless control system developed in the SIRIUS project was performed during the last project meeting that took place in Bucharest, Romania.    The demonstration shows the active vibration damping of a cantilever beam. Vibrations are measured by accelerometer sensors and sent wirelessly to [...]

Inertia Studio 3.0.0 – lost samples automatically retrieved

August 25, 2016
Inertia releases a new version of Inertia Studio, where the packet loss is filled in automatically at the end of the experiment.    When performing an experiment with wireless sensor nodes, there is almost always some data loss. With Inertia Studio 3.0 [...]

Inertia Technology launches Advanced Inertia Gateway

December 15, 2015
Advanced Inertia Gateway, the new product of Inertia Technology, provides the option of synchronization with external systems, such as cameras.    Compared with Basic Inertia Gateway, the new product adds the following options: Ethernet interface, DC power input and two BNC I/O ports for synchronization with [...]

Visit us at EIT Digital Innovation Day

November 24, 2015
As part of the RICH exhibition stand, Inertia will demonstrate its latest developments at the EIT Digital Innovation Day event, held at the Conference Centre High Tech Campus, Eindhoven on  November 25th, from 10:00 to 17:30 hrs.    Innovation Day is [...]

SME instrument

November 11, 2015
Inertia Technology was awarded with the SME Instrument phase one business innovation grant.    More information about the I-WSN project can be found here [...]

Inertia launches the best-performing wireless 10DOF inertial sensor: ProMove-mini

January 7, 2015
Inertia Technology launches the best-performing wireless 10DOF inertial sensor: ProMove-mini. ProMove-mini is specifically designed for multi-person, multi-object motion capture, supporting up to 36 devices in one wireless network.        Using the highest performance MEMS sensor technology available, ProMove [...]

PoPJIM project successfully finalized

September 3, 2014
PoPJIM, a four year collaboarative project under FP7's  Factory of the Future initiative, has been successfully finished.    In the PoPJIM project Inertia has developed the ultra high-speed wireless platform for data acquisition and control, V-Mon 4000. This platform can be used to sample [...]