We show in the video below a network of 120 ProMove-mini wireless sensor nodes and two Advanced Inertia Gateways. Each of the two gateways receives data from and handles the synchronization of 60 ProMove-mini sensor nodes sampling at 100 Hz. The clocks of the two gateways are synchronized by connecting the EXT SYNC ports, configured as Sync Output and Sync Input, respectively. The overall system synchronization accuracy is below 100 ns.


Synchronizing the clocks of the gateways ensures that the samples of the 120 ProMove-mini nodes are taken at the same time. However, the triggers of the LEDs of the two networks of 60 nodes are not necessarily synchronized.

This is achieved by resetting the frame counters, as well as the time stamps to zero. For that, the second set of EXT SYNC ports of the two Advanced Inertia Gateways is configured as Trigger Input in Inertia Studio, with the Reset Frame Counter option enabled. A switch is connected to these inputs and triggers the reset of the time frames.

The second video shows how two networks blinking at different times become synchronized once the switch is pressed.