The Varenne E! 114697 Eurostars project goal is to deliver a well-planned training and racing tool, resulting in a better and more sustainable career of horses involved in harness racing and training. To achieve this end goal, the specific R&D objectives are to build: the platform, the algorithms, the apps and the connected services for longitudinal monitoring of horses. By providing an advanced and user friendly training and monitoring platform, the evolution over time of all key parameters related to performance and health condition can be revealed, in the quest for finding the optimal balance between the two.

The project partners are the following:

  • Inertia Technology, The Netherlands, an R&D SME that is specialized in wireless sensing and data processing – project leader;
  • Utrecht University, The Netherlands, which has exceptional know-how on motion capturing of horse’s gait and interpretation of the associated kinematics;
  • SLU, Sweden, which has outstanding tradition of biomechanical research within equine, physiology, sports medicine and orthopedics;
  • Menhammar Stuteri, Sweden’s most successful breeder of warm-blooded trotting horses.