Sestosenso is a Horizon Europe – Research and innovation project, which develops technologies for next generations of collaborative robots. The robots will be capable of self-adapting to different time-varying operational conditions. They will interact when human intervention is required either for collaboration or training/teaching.

The project proposes a new sensing technology from the hardware and up to the cognitive perception and control levels, based on networks of embedded proximity and tactile sensors on the robot body. This provides a unified proxy-tactile perception of the environment, required to control the robot actions and interactions, safely and autonomously. Within the project, the same technologies are also applied to wearable devices, such as exoskeletons, to provide the user with better spatial awareness and to enforce safety in critical human-robot interactive tasks.

Inertia Technology is the leader of WP3 on embedded computing and data processing, including the hardware and software interfaces for data acquisition and the design of the real-time wireless networking protocol.