The Horizon 2020 European project AIOSAT will develop a rescue system that operates under unprecedented high availability and high accuracy conditions in both indoor and outdoor scenarios.

The key AIOSAT innovation targets are the research and integration of:

  1. Augmented GNSS positioning supported by differential corrections on the code, combined with fault detection an exclusion techniques to assure a trustful positioning estimation for safety critical applications, additionally with IMU, RF fusion and map information to obtain high-availability and accurate positioning,
  2. A high availability communication system based on a robust long range radio link to send the differential code corrections to the low cost GNSS receivers for which do not apply EGNOS corrections or when the information is not available via the satellite communication link, and
  3. An extremely efficient TA backend enabling the brigades and mission commanders to track the location of the safety workers during a mission and alert firefighters, in order to minimize the risk of accidents and increase the mission success.