We have developed a set of new, high-quality custom-made leather pockets that perfectly fit the shape of the ProMove-V sensor nodes. The pockets are specifically designed for easy and correct positioning of the sensors on the head, the withers and the legs. The pockets can be used also with the ProMove-mini sensor nodes.

The head attachment is a leather bridle with a sensor pocket on top.

The withers attachment is a girth with a sensor pocket fixed on the middle top position.

The leg attachments is a set of four brushing boots with sensor pockets attached to the lateral side. The position of the leg pockets can be adjusted by sliding them along the velcro strap that surrounds the boots.

Using these attachments, equipping the horse becomes a simple task. Insert the ProMove-V sensor nodes into the pockets and then attach the bridle, girth and brushing boots to begin examination. The sensor on the sacrum needs to be fixed with animal polster and double-sided adhesive tape. At the end of the experiment, remove the sensors from the pockets by pushing them through the bottom hole.