It is our great pleasure to announce the launching of the EquiMoves website! We can now present the EquiMoves system in an attractive an informative manner. Please visit:

We would like to thank our talented designers Irina & Andrei from New Black Design for the wonderful collaboration!

The EquiMoves gait analysis system is a joint research and development effort of Rosmark Consultancy, University of Utrecht and Inertia Technology. EquiMoves uses Inertia’s ProMove-mini sensor nodes as mobile measuring units attached to the legs of the horse, the withers, the sternum and the head.

The accurate and precise detection of the stride parameters is a crucial prerequisite for the proper determination of temporal and spatial stride characteristics. Using various custom-built algorithms, we determined the relevant 3D motion parameters for assisting the researchers and veterinary practitioners in early detection of lameness in horses.