We are proud to announce the launching of our new product, Equi-Pro® – the mobile gait analysis system for Equine Professionals. Equi-Pro is based on the R&D carried out in the Eurostars EquiMoves project and validated in the “EquiMoves: A Wireless Networked Inertial Measurement System for Objective Examination of Horse Gait” scientific article.

Equi-Pro is an equine gait analysis system that measures the motion of different points on the horse’s body in order to assess gait symmetry and performance. Equi-Pro uses up to nine synchronized wireless ProMove-V sensors, the latest generation water-proof IMU from the ProMove series.

The Equi‐Pro application presents in an intuitive way various motion parameters, including in‐depth stride by stride information.

More information about Equi-Pro can be found on the product web page.