The E-MOSION AAL project aims at enabling integral outdoor and indoor localization and mobility services for elderly people with  age-related  sensory  (visual,  auditory)  and  cognitive  (memory)  impairments  that  help  them  in  their  daily routine activities far from home. Special attention is given to key activities for their autonomous living (e.g. shopping, banking) and with a particular societal benefit (e.g. accompanying  grandchildren); procuring active and convenient engagement of all relevant stakeholders (relatives, health-social-security services, establishments).


The project focuses on the development of new mobility and location assistance algorithms based on hybrid high-accurate space and terrestrial technologies and the consideration of new easy-to-wear, easy-to-use portable devices suited to the target users. The designed services will be able to take into account health-related, weather-related, and transport-related issues when offering mobility suggestions, as well as to direct call-for-help to the proper agent whenever needed to ensure the user‟s safety and self-confidence. Stakeholder commitment will be fostered through explicit and measurable trust-endorsement solutions addressing security, privacy, integrity and accuracy.

Field trials will include several pilot actions with real end-users and scenarios across  different European countries.  The development and innovation process follow an iterative method where elderly people involved in the project, from user partner, provide feedback about each component of the solution during the project.  Time-to-market is expected to  be 24 months after project termination.