The PoPJIM (Plug and Produce Joint Interface Modules) European FP7 project introduces advanced concepts beyond the state of the art in the domain of intelligent machine-tools that enable high precision mass customization and machining of complex components with zero defects. The increased accuracy of machines and processes can offer substantial benefits to a wide range of applications that demand high quality and reliability of the machining process.


PoPJIM advances two key innovative concepts that can bring radical changes in machine tools design and use, namely:

  1. Joint Interface Module (JIM), a self-optimizing mechatronic element that controls the dynamic behavior of a machine-tool during its interaction with the cutting process.
  2. Distributed Wireless Configuration, which allows for plug and produce capability and Control Network (DWCN) decentralized control of JIMs through a wireless communication network.  The DWCN is responsible for configuration and communication among the modules and network components to enable plug and produce capabilities.