Thanks to our real-time multi-tasking OS and dedicated high-speed wireless protocol, we can achieve an unrivaled time synchronization among sensor nodes of less than 100ns!

This holds quite well as long as the Inertia sensor node – ProMove-mini or V-mon 4000 –  can hear, at least from time to time, the gateway. So even if there is data loss, the synchronization holds. Only if the sensor node cannot hear the gateway at all, their timings will start to deviate slowly but steadily.

Here we test the synchronization of our Advanced Inertia Gateway to an external clock signal. This is important when, for instance, you want to have synchronized sampling from ProMove-mini sensor nodes and a third-party camera system.

As you can see, the synchronization is kept steadily well below 100ns. Around second 21, we create a disturbance in the external clock signal and we can see how the system manages to keep up to that.