Our colleague Stephan Bosch defended his PhD thesis “Pushing the limits of inertial motion sensing” at University of Twente on September 7th, 2022. The thesis describes innovative solutions for capturing and digitizing human and animal motion with miniature IMUs, despite the inherent challenges of the technology. The thesis can also be seen as a narration of how inertial sensing systems evolved in the last 15 years, the technological progress that was made and the shift in focus and application objectives as time passed by. The research questions address a variety of difficult challenges ranging from orientation-independent motion features using inaccurate and non-coordinated sensors, up to kinematic motion features and 3D inertial navigation, using higher quality and synchronized sensors, but still subject to drift.

Congratulations, Stephan, for your great work!

More information and the full text of the PhD thesis can be found here.