As part of the FieldLab Smart Maintenance project, our nexoDAQ system is deployed in the factory at Tata Steel and measures continuously the condition of the fans located inside the annealing furnaces.

nexoDAQ is our next generation high-performance wireless data acquisition module, replacing the V-Mon 4000 platform. nexoDAQ is a highly synchronized wireless DAQ, with three 24Bits simultaneous sampled inputs and five highly configurable interface modes: IEPE/ICP®, charge mode, low voltage differential and single-ended signals, high voltage single ended signals, and 4-20 mA industrial sensors.

Vibration data sampled by nexoDAQ is uploaded in a dedicated database and analyzed to check for anomalies or potential defects in early stages. Maintenance engineers can now inspect detailed information through a secure web interface at any moment, as opposed to the traditional periodic checks occurring only once in several months. The monitoring system issues automatically warnings when normal operation thresholds are exceeded.

Several defects have already been identified in the very early stages, making this project a success story of applied predictive maintenance with smart wireless sensors.

Installing the nexoDAQ system at Tata Steel

Remote condition monitoring panel